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Currently the main product of CABRUCA is the organic cocoa produced in the traditional agroforestry system called cabruca .

Cabruca is a system in which the cocoa planting is done under the shade of native trees of the Atlantic Forest .


In many properties in addition to cocoa, many other products are grown like cupuaçu, açaí, peach palm, banana, tropical flowers and spices like vanilla, black pepper, guarana, annatto and others. Adding value to rural production, through organic certified management in agroforestry systems ( cabrucas ), diversifies our coverage area and increase the sustainability of rural production.


For the purchase of our products and more information please contact :

Cocoa beens

The "cabruca cocoa" of CABRUCA contributes not only to biodiversity conservation in southern Bahia, but also to the health and well-being of its consumers. Scientific studies show that cabrucas act as ecological corridors for native flora and fauna, providing safe routes for many species to move between forest remnants of Atlantic Forest in southern Bahia.


Cocoa is traded in the form of dried beans that pass through our internal quality control system allowing the traceability of each batch of cocoa from the farm to the arrival to the consumer. All cocoa is evaluated and graded before marketing and the achieved quality standards are of the highest level.


Most of the production of dried cocoa beens provided by CABRUCA is sold directly to the national and international chocolate industry. A small part is transformed into raw material directed to the cosmetic industry.


Nibs and Chocolate

Our production of chocolates only works with the raw material of CABRUCA members. All our chocolates are organic and biodynamic certified, and originate from a legitimate production of "tree to bar" chocolate: we plant, harvest, benefit and transform our cocoa into chocolate. It is a dream coming true! Sell our almonds turned into chocolate directly to the consumer.


With the aim of diversification, we flavor and color our agroforestry systems with different organic and biodinamic spices species. 

Black pepper, vanilla, guarana, annatto, clove, nutmeg, allspice and others.


Our agroforestry systems are enriched with planting a wide variety of fruits like cupuaçu , bananas, soursop, guava, Araça, pitanga, orange , hog plum , jackfruit among others.



In many properties agroforestry systems are enriched with plant oil palms as peach palm and açai .


Products that can be purchased are the fruits of açai in natura ,  freshpalm heart  and peach palm seed.





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