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From the Flower to the Apprentice

Our production of chocolates only works with the raw material of the CABRUCA members. All our chocolates are organic and biodynamic certified, and originate from a legitimate production of "tree to bar" chocolate: we plant, harvest, benefit and transform our cocoa into chocolate. It is a dream coming true! Sell our almonds turned into chocolate directly to the consumer.


For purchase of our products and more information contact us:

Organic and Biodynamic Chocolate

Display box with 12 bars (30 g) 70% e 100%

Organic and Biodynamic Chocolate 450 g bar 

(70% e/ou 100%)

Chocup Alpino 70% (10 g)

Organic and Biodynamic Cocoa and Cupuaçu Nibs ( 30g e 150 g)

Request our product list by email:

We would be happy to be in touch with you!

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